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India Face to Face is a 14 minute television series designed to bring you into the experience that is India. Jon Wood, video graphics professional and ex-college film teacher, takes his camera and you with him as he tours through the parts of India rarely seen by western eye. With this basic but revolutionary approach you become immersed into the experience and see what he sees and actually go with him wherever he goes. Completely unplanned and unscripted, you get the feeling that this is the way it is. No artificial props or pre-planned agendas. Except that Jon is a Christian and hangs out with Christians and so everything they see they interpret through a fundamental Christian world view. So this show is not for those who are attracted to eastern mysticism or pagan religions, or even those who hold to a “pluralistic” world view. They would not enjoy this show. But if Jesus is your Lord and Savior and you understand the joy of fellowship with Him, then this show is for you.

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