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Episode 72: In Michigan, "10 Cents a Meal" For Farm To School


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Press coverage of news in school food tends to be superficial, with emphasis on what’s negative and sensational. School food professionals and other insiders know different, and here they get their chance to dig deeper and talk shop about the issues that loom largest and the solutions that work best. Each week, guests from across the nation explore a different topic from a selection that addresses a spectrum of concerns around coping with regulation, meeting sustainability goals, and creating kid-friendly menus that are fresh, healthy, delicious, and affordable. Have a subject to suggest? Let us know. If you’re inside school food, this is your conversation.

Laura Stanley knows first hand how effective the food service industry can be in catalyzing reforms that are good for people and the environment. For twenty years, her work as a journalist and project manager has supported pioneers across the restaurant and institutional food supply chain who are demonstrating how a healthy, sustainable, just and humane food system can be possible and profitable.
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