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Greg/Tommy - Pre Camp Defense Breakdown


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The "InsideCarolina.com Radio Show" airs daily in concise, hard-hitting segments that cover a wide range of current topics, from game previews and postgame analysis, to recruiting, to any other prevalent UNC sports news. Inside Carolina's stable of writers, insiders and analysts -- plus special guests -- join the program for each podcast. The show airs every weekday during the season and weekly in the offseason. The show is co-hosted by Tommy Ashley and Buck Sanders. Ashley is the assistant editor of the Inside Carolina Magazine and has been on staff since 1998 with online and print duties. Sanders has been the president of Inside Carolina since 2001, and maintains a regular presence on the web site as a columnist. To be a part of the program, call (919) 675-2580 to leave a voicemail with your questions or comments and they will be played during the podcast.
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