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Pantoland, that magical place where dreams come true with the help of a sprinkling of fairy dust, a wave of a wand and the odd "Open Sesame". It's all fantasy, dreams and make-believe. Or is it?

Join Jack Trott on his seasonal adventure through pantoland with a twist, all the magical devices he finds could soon emerge from the world's laboratories. Shoes that know whose feet they fit; magic carpet ripples helping aircraft fly more efficiently; beanstalks with super strong stems borrowed from forest creepers and all-knowing genies that emerge when you give your smart phone a secret rub. "Oh no they don't!" you say. Well, actually, it's "Oh yes they do!" and maybe sooner than you think.

Listen in for a journey like no other - panto meets patent; fantasy meets future; sesame meets science. Listen and wonder what might be lurking under your Christmas tree.

Dramatised scenes written by John Peacock

Jack ..... Tom Glenister
Wily Old Man/Charming/The Queen/Hansel/George ..... Roger May
Dame Trott/Dyspesia/PR Man/Widow Twanky/foot fitter ...... Sam Dale
Giant/Dandini/Saucy Girl/Genie ...... Keith Drinkel
Fairy Godmother/Alopecia ...... Jane Whittenshaw
Cinderella/Aladdin/Gretel ...... Sara Markland

Presenter: Dr Sharon Ann Holgate

Producer: Toby Murcott
Director: Celia de Wolff
A Pier Production for BBC Radio 4.

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