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As a young man, James never thought about making a career out of radio. Originally he started as a volunteer for Truro Hospital Radio, then when he realized how he loved it, he did some voluntary work behind the scenes at the BBC, he was poached by Pirate in 2004, and worked part time while he completed a degree at the University College Falmouth.

The cheeky man can usually be heard in the evenings, but he's a bit of a swinger. (When James or Neil are on their holidays, you can hear him covering their shows)

Off air, James is busy acting as the 'Station Producer'. You know the jingles and voiceover bits you hear on air? James makes all of those. While making all the audio, and brewing up the kettle for Bob and James, he still manages to keep a tidy desk (unlike Neil).

Theres never a dull moment in Dundon's life. He's the kind of guy that's got a list of hobbies, he likes to take his organ out, (he owns a Fairground Organ). Something he restored from a box of bits a few years ago. It's always best to smile and nod at James's impressive range of hobbies and activities!
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