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    The way people listen to music has changed, yet, despite the emergence of pandora, spotify, and others, radio stations consistently run 15, 20, even 25 commercials in an hour!

    Research has been done year after year all over the country, and it always says the same things: listeners want more music! And fewer commercials!

    From that, comes a station unlike any other over-the air station: Jewel Fm! This station plays fifty-five minutes of music every hour… leaving only five minutes of commercials per hour. This station never breaks from the music for longer than sixty seconds --- insuring that if you purchase a :60 commercial on Jewel Fm, it will air all by itself, as a stand-alone commercial, amidst a seemingly endless stream of great songs.

    Jewel Fm is a station where current hits from artists like Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, and Lorde… collide with coffeehouse favorites from singers and songwriters like Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and Sara Bareilles. This is a station that won’t pound you over and over with the same few songs… instead, we’ll sneak in deeper tracks from well-known artists, introduce some great songs from new artists, and even play some great music by talented local musicians. Enjoy stripped-down and acoustic versions of songs you love, unique covers, and amazing live tracks!

    This is a station for music-lovers… men and women… it has been an instant...
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