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If you've ever met Jordan at a Sunny 95 appearance, you know that she loves to meet people! She loves to learn about people, and talk to them about their lives. And it’s not an act… she’s genuinely interested! Even Jordan admits that her outgoing nature isn’t always taken the way it’s intended (she found out the hard way that people don't always enjoy having a conversation while they do their grocery shopping).

Jordan’s says that her family is to blame for her enthusiastic personality. Born and raised in small town outside of Pittsburgh, her three older siblings made it hard for her to stand out. Since her family had a great sense of humor, she thought dumping a bag of nails on the stone driveway would be funny. When that didn’t work, she was inspired by the UPS man to paint the front door of her house brown. Keep in mind that both of those events happened while she was still in diapers.

As a sophomore in high school, Jordan heard an announcement asking for kids to audition for the school radio station. When she went to the audition, she found a line of class clowns waiting for their chance to be on the radio. She thought she didn't have a chance, but as it turns out, she was wrong. The first time she heard the music and her voice on the air, she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. At the age of 22, Jordan has got her big break as the morning host of a radio station in Scranton, PA. She moved from Scranton to Ft. Wayne, IN, and lasted there for three years before she got the BIG call from Sunny 95! It's going on 8 years now, and so much has changed for Jordan, including her recent marriage! Next time you see Jordan at a station appearance or the grocery store, be prepared to talk!
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