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City to City - Gerry Rafferty

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Classic Rock from the 60's, 70's & 80's. Requests taken at website!

KCTunes.com is a 1 man operation done in my spare time. We are out of Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Me and my friends have shared there CD (about 1200 of them) for this project. Music is in my family, my brother was a DJ in the disco days and I was a chauffer and security in the 80's for groups as The Doobie Brothers, Rush, Journey, Styx and more. I miss the music from those days so I figured that other people did also, so I started this web site. I tried not to inundate you with all kinds of ads for revenue. All donations, sales of merchandise & profits from mp3 downloads will go to upgrade the site, add listeners and purc

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