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Monday, February 2 at 1pm

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Born in a small town just south of Detroit, Michigan (lions suck but GO TIGERS!!). He moved to California a year ago and heard sooo much about the awesome restaurants in town! So yea, he loves to eat out... Favorite food Chicken Wings, Steak and Pizza! He’s livin’ in the ‘08, and proud of it, with his newly adopted cat named Paris. And when asked why the cat name is Paris he said "The previous owners named her Paris because she reminded them of Paris Hilton (ahh poor cat.)." He loves traveling and exploring new places. Some of the top places he’s been are Las Vegas (!), Hawaii and New York City. When asked why he got into radio he said, "I always dreamed of being Rich and Famous". Not really sure if that answered the question but... okay... If you see him around make sure and ask him about the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to him. Hit him up when he’s on-air 842-KLLY, He loves crazy, drama filled stories!!
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