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Episode 12: Is Self-Publishing a Children’s Book Right For You?


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Want to succeed as a children’s book author in today’s publishing world? Then the Let’s Make Kids’ Books podcast is for you! Featuring Beau Blackwell, author of 4 bestselling self-published picture books, and a collection of incredible guests from every corner of the publishing world, Let’s Make Kids’ Books gives you the information, support, and inspiration you need to write, create, publish, and sell your books. The publishing world has radically changed in the past few years, and this show helps you take advantage of the latest trends and tips so you can have a successful writing career. Covering everything from the writing process to working with illustrators to book marketing and promotion, Let’s Make Kids’ Books will help you get your writing career off to a great start or take your book sales to the next level! Get more great advice and resources at letsmakekidsbooks.com.
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