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THE early events, and many later ones, in the life of Zion Congregation are veiled in the pages of history that were destroyed, following the move to our present location, under the assumption that no one could read the German records. These records which gave the details of the first meetings of organization are lost forever; however, it is known through information passed down to individuals still living, that in 1898 a group of people met in the C.P. Mayer Building on Washington Ave., later known as the Peterson Dry Cleaning establishment across from Prestley Road. Their purpose was to establish a Lutheran Church in Bridgeville. In 1899 they moved into larger quarters located in Poellet Hall that was in the center of the business district on Washington AVenue, now known as Sarasnick's Hardware. A few of the names known as charter members, of the then Zion Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul's German Church, were Blankenshen, Bowers, Buckel, Der, Erbrecht, Gastgeb, Gieze, Herman, Hittner, Hollman, Klein, Keil, King, Kirschner, Kreisel, Krieger, Lenk, Myers, Neuman, Oelschlager, Rehman, Schimmel, Schmidt, Stick, and Ziegler.
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