Live at Drive with Harry and Pricey

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Monday, February 27 at 7am

Dubai 92

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You’ll be joined by Harry and Pricey, the fabulous pair from down under. They might be from the same side of the equator, but this pair could not be more opposite. Harry is the rugged bearded boy probably wearing his flip flops to work everyday while Pricey is the gorgeous glam gal probably wearing heels in the studio. Each day they will entertain you with the latest gossip and current news from around the world, not forgetting to keep it local and telling you where to party this ladies night or have a chilled evening out with friends. Stay updated with great celeb scandal, and the latest news with Harry & Pricey! They will also keep you in the know about the busy roads of the UAE with traffic news. To top it all off, Harry and Pricey will play the UAE’s best music five nights a week… Hang on, we won’t even stop there, they will also welcome the weekend in from 5pm each Thursday with 80’s 90’s and Nothing Else!!
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