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MJ and The Boys is morning show style podcast currently based in Lexington, KY, hosted by three people with over 50 years combined experience in commercial radio.

What makes MJ and The Boys stand out is our tough-as-nails rocker-chick host, Melissa "Mary Jane" Miller. She, along with the absurd humor of Lee "Sticky" Dellapina, and the dry, sharp wit of Shawn Seay, brings an edgy, funny, unique take on the world that appeals heavily to Gen-Xers, but also to younger Baby Boomers, and older Millennials.

Our show is comedy based, with a heavy focus on pop culture and music. We try hard to entertain and not get too controversial, we want to make people forget about their problems for an hour every week. That being said, the show is not of the "family friendly" variety. We are rowdy, bawdy, and swear a lot.. but in a fun way, we always keep it light.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Imzy, Bidchat, and Podbean.
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