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You may have just ran across MetalRadio.com but it's been around for longer than most know.Metalradio.com started out as metalworkz back in 1995 using Aol as its page host.The idea was simple News ,Chat and forum all aimed at helping Local ,Unsigned Artists introduce themselves to the world.The demom seen on the page better known as the Demonizer quickly became it's official mascot.

Oct 24 ,1998 Metalradio.com was born .The site has transformed many times using different layouts ,then with the help of the php-nuke platform we became a community allowing members to have a simple profile page.We have now once again transformed the site to allow you to create a more advanced profile ,backgrounds ,photo's music and video.

The mission of MetalRadio.com remains the same though.The continued proliferation of local ,unsigned Rock,Metal,Hardcore ,Punk bands.Dedicated to what the major record labels have turned their back on.The raw power of Socially defiant music.
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