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Tha an Dr Felicity Mehendale a' toirt cruth-atharrachadh air coltas a' phàiste Casey 's e a' dol fo lannsa 'son sgoltadh na liopa 's na chàirean a chàradh. Rugar Willow à Ulapul le sracadh na sgairt 's chaidh i fo lannsa 's gun i ach làithean a dh'aois. Ach, aig naoi mìosan, tha i air ais anns an ospadal, a' cur eagal a beatha air a màthair, Mairead Ghrannd.

We revisit four families who face some of the most challenging times of their lives as their babies battle serious health issues. Casey from Skye was born with a cleft lip and palate and we follow his emotional first year, including two major operations that transform his features. Cole from Nairn was born three months premature and spent many weeks in hospital, but at last his mother Kirsty is delighted to get him home. She now takes great pleasure in the everyday things, such as taking him out for a walk.

Donald was also born very premature, and has been diagnosed with Noonan Syndrome. Now a lively four year old, we discover how this genetic disorder affects him. Nine-month-old Willow was born with a diaphragmatic hernia and had to have life-saving surgery when she was just days old. Willow has ongoing lung problems and so mum Mairead has been dreading her first winter. Her worst fears are realised when Willow has breathing difficulties and is readmitted to hospital.
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