Musical Yarns of the Counterculture

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Wednesday, March 11 at 10pm

NWCZ Radio

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Musical Yarns of the Counterculture is a production of Shock Treatment Management and NWCZ Radio. Sifting through his extensive exposure to the Hippie/Hipster/Psych shows and hipsters along the I-5 corridor, Kevin Heiderich from STM will be delivering high quality tunes from a variety of northwest artists who explore their passion at the Pacific Northwest cultural fringe. While the show will focus on the cutting edge, it is merely a starting point for a journey of exploration of our culture through expansive and experimental sounds.

Kevin Heiderich is a lifelong audiophile, earning an honorary degree in classic rock as a child via his parent’s extensive listening habits; listening closely to the 80’s music growing up; and by the 1990s he was on to formulating and expressing his own musical personality. Massing an extensive music collection and working part-time at friends’ music store during college, he quickly became the “go to guy” if one had a couple of bars of unidentified music on his mind. In spite of the mainstream music in his background, Kevin still yearned for the sound that pushed new limits, and when he moved to Seattle in the early 1990s he knew he had found his musical home among the Pacific Northwest experimental set. Although a self-taught musician, Kevin prefers the seat behind the console sharing his new finds, and has hosted a number of scheduled radio shows through the years. Sit back and let Kevin do the driving into the hippest musical landscape you’ll find featuring all NW artists.

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