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Nerdvana was created originally by Brad Stone, Joshua Basile and Jeff Von Hendy in the fall of 2009 to bring listeners a radio show that provided news about technology, electronics, computers video games, movies and more. Shortly after the show was established Joshua Basile left Nerdvana to pursue other avenues, which then lead to the eventual departure of Jeff Von Hendy. In January 2010, Marty “H” Heselton was added to our line up as well as Eddie “Blackout” Fonzarelli, and Mike “B” Bloomfield to fill in temporarily while a new cast was designated. It was at that time that original host Brad Stone signed Eddie and Marty on as regular cast members.

In February of 2010, Nerdvana was signed on to syndicate its show to several AM/FM radio stations in the United States and Europe, including RoundTableRadio.net based near Phoenix, AZ. Later that month, Tucker Wolfe Burke was added to the show as a host, but shortly there after decided he no longer wanted to be on the show, and was discharged from Nerdvana. In May of 2010, Contributor Sarah Elliott was added to the show, and later signed on as a temporary host for the end of our first season. Our last show aired on June 5th, 2010 and was heard by almost 255,000 people.

After a brief summer hiatus, Nerdvana was back online in September 2010, with a brand new website and the search for new cast and crew. Andrea Shetler was brought on board in early October as the new Sales Team Leader/Public Relations Liaison as well as helping out with other behind the scenes endeavors. An open casting call mid October brought Nerdvana its long awaited, first signed female host Stella Chrome and Apple Guru Alejandro Lovo. Nerdvana also added Channel 107, a United Kingdom based radio station to its list of affiliates. With the new additions, Nerdvana has been hard at work making arrangements and coming up with fresh ideas for the second season of the show, originally due to air in January 2011.

The demand for Nerdvana to come back on the air was so intense that in October of 201

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