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nightcap takes you on a 90-minute journey through songs from all over the musical map. You'll hear unusual sounds… something surprising, sometimes a little jarring perhaps, and other times a pleasant juxtaposition of disparate sources. When host Kevin Wilson programs the show, he thinks of words like space, dreams, colour, progressive, whimsy, neglected, laughter, nightmares, soul, beats, surprise, psychedelic, history, iconoclasm, dessert, hypnosis and quirk. The program is inspired by music-lovers with broad tastes, who ignore categories and who aren't afraid to play something they like, even if it's not fashionable. It's also inspired by Dr. Seuss: that Cat was wild!
Late nights are a great time to listen to music because people's minds are a little freer, a little less focused on the practical, and a little more attuned to the imagination. It's a time for dreaming even before your head hits the pillow.

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