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Sunday, June 7 at 2pm

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Born and raised in Southern California, a Los Angeles native, Niki Reyes always had a niche for entertaining. As a young child she was active going to piano, dance, and acting class, but nothing was more active than her voice. “Growing up I was always getting in trouble for talking too much, I still do”, she giggles. In college she interned at KBIG 104.3 FM in Los Angeles and realized her love and passion for radio. After college she decided to pursue her radio career starting in promotions at Fabulous 690 AM, a standard station, and working her way up finding herself back at KBIG. Using her love for talking and entertaining she was motivated to be on-air. The opportunity to live her dream drove Niki right here in Bakersfield. If you are looking for a sexy, energetic voice to help keep you through the wee hours of the morning, look no further than Niki Reyes. She brings you a mix of all your favorite KELLY hits along with the hottest celebrity gossip five nights a week!!

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