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Episode 190: French Fortune Favors Brave (and Guy Who Won Nine Times Before)


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Ben and Courtney were just a couple of passionate tennis bloggers when they met in Mason, Ohio in 2010, but their love of the wacky personalities that make up the sport of professional tennis has made them tennis besties ever since. They enjoy talking about tennis at all hours of the day on any topic that suits them and once a week they turn on a microphone for an hour during one of those chats and post the results.

No Challenges Remaining is that podcast, and it drops Tuesdayishly
Your hosts at NCR are Ben Rothenberg (a freelance writer for outlets including the New York Times) and Courtney Nguyen (previously a blogger for Forty Deuce, Sports Illustrated, and now Senior Writer at WTA Insider).

All opinions on the podcast are our own.
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