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    Put together by Dubstep Producer/DJ Step One and Jump Up Producer/DJ Krooga in October 2011 and quickly rising to the #1 spot in the dubstep internet radio scene. With over 50 dj's playing weekly shows within the first couple months it has proven to be a reliable source of a variety of genres.The radio is now owned and run by Step One who aims to promote DJ's and Producers who have a passion for what they do and of course the skills to make your ears happy. Developed by Step One, the radio has a very community type feel to it with features like profiles, forums, groups, and various other things for the members to communicate with one another which is a very unique thing to see on an internet radio.There are no plans for the radio to stop climbing to the #1 spot and once we are there, nothing stops us from growing even larger. So get in the swing of things today and tune in, enjoy the fresh new tunes our DJ's have to offer and enjoy the Vault whenever there is no DJ schedule which is packed full of tracks.
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