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Welcome to the show that aims to get you reading... you can be a passionate reader, occasional reader... like high brow or even low brow... new books, old books, cook books, all sorts of books.

Sharonn and Hamish will give you recommendations for books you’d never thought to read. Ever wondered what’s hot in New Zealand, Europe and the Americas, we’ll bring you ‘Book lists’ and ‘Hot picks’ from all over the world.
We’ll even bring you our top Waikato Book List each week, recommendations from your hosts (and their friends) on what’s a great to read right now, from a local perspective.

Hamish and Sharonn’s enthusiasm for reading shows through, they believe you can read anything from trashy romance through to Booker Prize novels and that the questions should be “did you learn something, did it take somewhere, move you, make you laugh, make you cry, shock you, scare you but ultimately, did you enjoy it?” It’s not about reading the ‘right books’ but the right books for you.
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