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Each and every Monday night (8pm -10pm) the Pitch Talk Live show hits YouTube, where we discuss the latest issues in football no matter how big or small. We discuss points from the top of the game to the grassroots level with a devoted segment featuring 2 Womens teams & an AFA/SAL (Amateur football Alliance/Southern Amateur League respectively). If there’s a story to be spoken about then we’ll hit it head on with honest opinions & of course get our skypers & callers involved. Our mantra is we the people, for the people & because of that we’re inclusive not exclusive. We are a growing football community based around a common love of the beautiful game known as football (Soccer for you guys stateside). Pitch Talk is co-hosted by Straight Shootin' LJA (Liam Angell), Da G-Man (Gavin Henry) & Gezzie Fizzle (Gerald Williamson)
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