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What is the state of USA politics today? Judging by the generous donors, giddy media pundits, and frenzy of election candidates, it is alive and kicking. Dan Winslow travels deep into the psyche of the citizen collective which shall crown a new President in November 2016. On the examination table will be: campaign promises of new and old, issues and positions, war and peace, spending, borrowing, cuts, stimulus and the economy, Social Security, taxes, inclinations of the millennial generation, gaffes and soundbites from the campaign trail, and of course the art of politics. In this document of real-time American history, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party conservatives and liberal socialists alike will be illuminated under the naked scope of honest and humorous reporting. With a journey this heavy, there is no telling what sort of state Danny will be in after emerging from our next grand democratic experiment, as he wades waist-deep through the riverbed of Presidential politics. Join your host in a voyage through one nation's identity crisis, comedy of errors, and love for old-fashioned circus entertainment, all rolled into one and brought to you by the freedom of speech.
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