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Radio Tele Diaspora is the Main Haitian Network located in Boston Massachusetts; RTD has developed strategies to help Haitians counteract injustice and inequality. Radio Tele Diaspora aims to educate the Haitians community in its strive for acceptance and success in mainstream society.

Tele Diaspora works in close collaboration with other public and private organizations in order to achieve its goals. Radio Tele Diaspora, believes its works to be seminal. Only through community effort and unity will its mission be truly felt.

For many years, Radio Tele Diaspora has consistently provided innovative, reliable, high quality products and services to the Haitian Community and Haitian media. We’re recognized as the leading Television in the Haitian Diaspora worldwide, for the past decades. And now, we are making huge advances by bringing more entertainments, educational shows, News from Haiti every day to the Haitian community
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