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The 1980's gave us MTV and changed the way we consume music. New wave began sneaking onto radio. Disco died and rose from the ashes as dance music. Hip Hop emerged. Compact discs arrived and began to replace vinyl records. The music of the eighties was fun, upbeat, and exciting. Just about every song had a video. Just about every song had an extended version. Much like the 70's, many different styles of music were side by side on the Top 40 charts. By the mid 80's country had lost its crossover appeal and made room for an influx of dance, R&B, hip hop, new wave and hair bands. Medleys were a temporary fad. Musicians gave their time and talent to charity singles. There was Live Aid, Farm Aid, Band Aid, and USA For Africa. It was a busy decade. And as technology advanced and the digital age began, the music sounded better and better. Check out 80's Pop on internet radio service RadioIO. The channel, hosted by Eddie George, offers a truly retro listening experience with all of the musical flavors that make up 80's pop. Enjoy all your 80's favorites in the form of hand selected playlists.

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