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If you lived in the 80's, you were able to experience the influence of rock music in everything you did. If you were born afterward, you luckily still get to hear the timelessness and influence of the decade's music today. Incorporating a unique blend of genres including pop rock, hard rock, glam metal (also referred to as headbands,) soft rock/singer-songwriters and alternative rock (the first decade to embrace this unique format,) we welcome you to RadioIO 80's Rock, hosted by internet radio StreamHost, Gregg Parish. RadioIO 80's Rock introduces us to the power ballad and brazenly moves forward from the decade's predecessor of the 70s. Arena rock and it's live shows easily induced everyone's lighters to shine at the venue and many of those familiar artists from the 70s managed to rack up several hits in the 80's. We see the demise of the AOR format (album oriented rock) for more of a Billboard Hot 100 design while the development of the Mainstream rock chart takes center stage for FM radio hits and exposes a harder format for those who detest Top 40. Insist on the best of 80's FM radio right here with cohesive handpicked playlists daily. You'll never want to leave the 80's and you don't have to.

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