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By the time the 90's rolled around, the fun upbeat powerhouse pop train of the 80's began to run out of steam. Of course, pop music never really went away, but with the continued popularity of angst-ridden grunge in the early 90's, pop had a harder time getting through. Alt rock and hip hop dominated the airwaves. CD singles arrived and nearly killed the vinyl 45. Labels began issuing airplay only tracks to radio, fearing album cannibalization from singles. Music videos became hard to find on VH1 and even harder to find on MTV. It was a decade of change, but by the end of the 90's pop music returned with a vengeance in the form of teen pop, brit pop, europop and boybands. Eurodance and club music became more mainstream, and the top 40 landscape got a little brighter. RadioIO 90's Pop is an internet music channel hosted by Eddie George that plays a carefully selected mix of 90's pop music. It still includes the biggest Top 40 hits that were a little on the outskirts of pop, but every great pop track that found it's way is on RadioIO 90's Pop.
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