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Billboard has been charting music for over 80 years and its broad spectrum of charts remains the industry standard today. Charts are tabulated based on radio airplay and music sales. Recently, internet streaming has begun to factor into a song's chart success.The implementation of Nielsen Soundscan tracking in 1991 gave the charts a greater accuracy. The Billboard Hot 100 chart has historically been the go-to chart to see each week's top 100 popular tracks. It has been through many incarnations, but today it accurately tabulates our tastes in pop, R&B, rock, hip hop, rap, country, triple A, and dance...and those are just the biggest genres. The Hot 100 occasionally sees an internet novelty sensation, or a song that surges temporarily due to inclusion in a commercial or TV show. Internet radio service RadioIO has created a specialty channel that rotates, on a weekly basis, all of the tracks that you will find listed on the Billboard Hot 100. Hosted by Eddie George, each track is presented in it's full, original, unedited explicit version. You won't hear these versions on terrestrial radio!

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