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The first FM underground radio stations started broadcasting at the end of the 1960's. KMPX and KSAN in San Francisco, KPPC, KLOS and KMET in Los Angeles and WBAI in New York were some of the first. These pioneering stations were being sampled by listeners transitioning from the AM radio dial and they liked what they heard. FM underground became a lifestyle during this period, embracing the drug culture and smoking pot, psychedelics like LSD, long hair and the free form, carefree lifestyle that had sprung from the Summer of Love in 1967.

RadioIO Classic Rock, curated by internet radio StreamHost, Forest, is honored and proud to share the musical heritage of those early days and what came after: a Golden Age of album oriented rock (AOR) radio. Listen for timeless Classic Rock favorites starting from the magical period of the'British Invasion, the later establishment of FM Underground radio and an amazing period continuing on for over the next two decades.

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