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Disco in its purest form was actually a very short-lived genre. Although its range of life is subjective and often debated, in general terms, it lasted from 1972 to 1979. Of course, after the disco backlash in the summer of 79, the genre simply reemerged in 1980 as "dance music" or "club music."

Disco brings forth images of Studio 54, polyester, and Saturday Night Fever. Discotheques, in their desire for longer versions of songs for the dancefloor, inspired the industry to create the 12" single. By the mid 70's, disco was flooding the airwaves and dominated the charts in the last few years of the decade. Different musical styles were incorporated into disco, such as pop, R&B, funk, and latin.
Many disco artists were one hit wonders. The disco sound is often considered a novelty, but with it's feel-good, retro, oldies feel, it was a vital and undeniable part of the seventies.

Eddie George hosts a channel called RadioIO Disco Hits on internet radio service RadioIO. This station focuses on the familiar top 40 disco hits, peppered with the best carefully selected dancefloor club hits. Get up and boogie.

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