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Bang your head! Spandex, makeup and a full can of hairspray. But that's not what it was all about. In the 1980's and 1990's, glam metal ruled the young deviants' record players, cassette decks and radio airwaves. Everyone was getting dressed up to get messed up and that heavy metal sound consisted of enough pop to be dangerous. Power ballads and hair metal tracks by slick boys covered in makeup, outrageous outfits and teased hair or headbands began to obliterate the Billboard Hot 100 and Top 40. Over time, these pop metal bands adopted the moniker of Hairbands and the crowd went wild: debauchery ruled, alcohol and drugs were the mainstay and music had never been so fun to party to.

Nothing good can last forever and with the advent of Grunge in the early 1990's, Hairbands began to fade away, but not without making a permanent impression on the youth of that generation. Today, new copycat bands continue to emerge but YOU can capture the magic like it was yesterday here at RadioIO Hairbands, with your internet radio StreamHost, Gregg Parish. All the hits and those nasty video tracks we all remember. Rock on!

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