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Once the Beatles hit the scene, experimentation with the sound of music began. The Sgt. Pepper album is often viewed as a catalyst for progressive rock. With increased technology and instruments such as electronic keyboards and synthesizers, experimental rock music began to explode in the mid sixties. Many emerging prog rock bands used a full orchestra and classical elements in their compositions. Far from mainstream, prog rock's complex lyrical themes usually contain elements of intelligence, fantasy, and folklore. These changes led to longer, epic songs that often filled one side of a vinyl lp record album. Separate songs would often segue into another. This led to the birth of the concept album.

Online internet radio station RadioIO Progressive Rock is hosted by StreamHost Mike Roe. This unique and eclectic channel contains music from a variety of prog rock sub genres including symphonic, psychedelic, jazz fusion, avant-garde, classical, baroque, and folk.

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