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Reggae music emerged in the 60's in Jamaica and became a music genre that is wrapped in social and political consciousness. Reggae evolved from ska and rocksteady styles of music, and began making its way onto mainstream radio and music charts in the early seventies. As the format evolved, reggae continued to pull from R&B, jazz, calypso, Latin American music and Caribbean influences. The earliest reggae singles often featured a dub or instrumental track, often called "version" on the record label.

Expertly curated by one of Reggae's only true musicologists, StreamHost Doug Wendt is best known for his long running radio shows Midnight Dread and Ghost Town Sound. Doug brings his extensive knowledge of all things reggae and his comprehensive collection of Reggae tracks to RadioIO, including vital vinyl, unique mixes, and rare tracks. His daily hand picked playlists will please people of all ages, with styles ranging from roots reggae, to dancehall, soca, ska, dub, dj, dub poets, world reggae, lover's rock, and unique cover songs. You'll find it all here. Ever-changing, never ending, RadioIO Reggae MD has the most reggae you'll find anywhere, with enough classics and brand new reggae for the rastaman in all of us.

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