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    iRant Radio is a collective of the minds. No one said great minds.

    Shows all about Really Absurd News and Talk (RANT). Where anything goes as long as the FCC allows it. They discuss the topics as they happen in America and around the world. No topic is off limits. They believe that everyone should have a voice and always encourage the audience to participate and be heard. Whether through social media, in studio, on the phone or just plain old email they want to hear the thoughts of the people.

    There is no shortage of insanity and or opinions from iRant Radio, they will give you a voice in America or at least there 3 cents. They bring you the funniest comics, current events, political talk, news, interviews, straight up craziness and a guaranteed good time! Real guys, real opinions, real RANTS! Eat your lunch before you call us, because you may get indigestion.
    Call toll free 855-969-RANT.

    iRant Radio is an advocate of the people throughout all walks of life. From the Wounded Warrior Project to Clean water in Sudan. Many causes have reached out and they are always ready to lend a hand or a loud mouth voice to the cause. You really should listen in, you just never know what's going to happen! Faces for radio, voices for the deaf!
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