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Restitutio is a Christian theology podcast designed to get you thinking about biblical theology, church history, and apologetics in an effort to recover the original Christian faith of Jesus and the apostles apart from all of the later traditions that settled on it like so much sediment, obscuring and mutating primitive Christianity into dogma and ritual. Pastor Sean Finnegan, the host of Restitutio, holds to a Berean approach to truth: that everyone should have an open mind, but check everything against the bible to see how it measures up. Restitutio is also the home of Off Script, where Daniel Fitzsimmons and Rose Rider join Sean Finnegan to discuss how cultural forces are quietly molding us and how we can resist the pressure to conform to this age and follow Christ authentically in our complicated and confusing time. If you are looking for Christian philosophy, issues in our society, Christian ethics, practical theology, understanding God's law, or just curious about religion, Restitutio is the Christian podcast for you.
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