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Friday, July 28 at 1pm

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I’m a trance DJ and producer hailing from Doncaster in England.

No-one on this planet loves trance music as much as I do.

I was born who I was.

I became who I am.

I’ll become whoever I want to be.

I’ve developed a fair old obsession for electronic music in the meantime.

I consider the synthesiser to be the best invention of the 20th Century (apologies to sliced bread).

I made the natural transition from stereo-hog to DJ sometime around 1999.

I’ve never counted how many records I have or how many tracks I have because this would probably compel me to calculate how much money I’ve spent on music and I’d rather not know.

I grudgingly made the switch from vinyl to CD decks but only because you can hardly get anything on vinyl any more.

I will always prefer mixing with vinyl and have no interest in mixing with laptops.
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