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Aww you want to know about little ol' me? That's so cute! I'll get started...

Barrie means a lot to me, it's where I got my first radio job reporting cottage country traffic years ago... it was right after that I started to notice the crows feet forming next to my eyes! I've been all over for radio, from Barrie to Alberta to Brockville and back to the city I love.

I'm a new mom to my 6 month old lab cross that I adopted named Snickers. He's an amazing addition to my life, he keeps me on my toes! If I'm not out walking Snickers, you'd catch me eating bowl after bowl of cereal (it's the only thing I can 'cook') hanging with my family and friends and watching old re-runs of Saved By The Bell.
Join me for the B101 Hit Zone, with 30 in a row and don't forget to send in your request for the B101 Noon Hour B Quest!

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