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Rosie del Valle, has now been a part of Regent Broadcasting's La Maquina Musical for a little over 2years. Her dedication to informing the community and being a part of various events inside the Hispanic Community in the Grand Rapids area, has lead way to great achievements and amazing oportunities to know just how the Hispanic Community is so diverse and so unique! She is happily married and in the past year gone from being a professional business woman, to a professional business women and proud mother. Sophia Tonantzin, Rosie's daughter spent her first 3 months in studio with Rosie. As you can imagine listeners all around fell in love with her gooing and laughing while mom's at work! That's because inside the Hispanic Community, family is the most important part, and greatest achievement for anyone! After a while Rosie was able to detach herself from Sophie (at least for 8hrs a day!) and enjoys being able to connect with her audience even more so as a woman, a working mother, and wife! Rosie del Valle is proof you can have it all and enjoy, one day, one bottle, and lots of songs... at a time...Tune in Monday thru Friday from 11am -- 3pm for great music, interviews, and community information with our very own, Chaparra de Oro in La Maquina Musical!!!

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