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Justin Lee Collins’ producer and sidekick Sam Hutt teams up with British Comedy Guide regular Lucy Anna Gray to round off the weekend.
With both Sam and Lucy still at University, they provide a student’s insight in dealing with the big and small issues affecting young people. Expect a combination of new music, nonsense conversation and nonsense features including;
Lucy’s Sports Report - a round up of sports news from someone who knows nothing about sport!
Around the World in 80 Seconds – a sweeping generalisation of serious news that has no bearing, relevance or impact on student’s lives ,
Celebrity Chop - a completely unfair and out of context gathering of celebrity sound bites in which Lucy has to guess the name of the speaker, all treated in a way that would have serious journalists and industry regulators running for cover.
Add to that a mixture of guests from the world of music, politics and comedy and you have a show that rounds of a Sunday night and rinses the mind for the start of a the new week.
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