Sexsational with Mister Bonafide and JW the Outlaw

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Saturday, July 1 at 12am

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Listen to the show every Friday at 9:00pm Pacific Time and Midnight Eastern on BBSRADIO.COM - Station 1.

Sexsational with Mister Bonafide and cohost JW the Outlaw

Sexsational With Mister Bonafide is a talk show with a judgment free approach to sexuality. With an open forum for any platform of sexuality, gender, and relationship diversity. Providing a place where you can talk, vent, complain, argue, boast, brag, and question anything about sex, love, and relationships.

Mister Bonafide takes a holistic approach to real life issues for real people. Connecting, uplifting, intriguing, and inspiring your sex life with your everyday life in an intelligent and empowering manner.

The man himself Mister Bonafide with his deep southern style upbringing is an educated businessman who is still searching for what life has to offer. With his street knowledge, credibility, and upbringing he has seen many things in life and feels that he has been empowered to give the world what he has to offer.

People perceive him to be a mystery man, but he is a genuine, authentic person who is an open forum for anyone who can handle his real approach to life.

So, tune in and enjoy the ride for this sex show is truly bon-a-fide!
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