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Episode 8: The BEST Accommodations with Adelaide


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It starts with a conversation and ends with a comedy sketch.
Sketch Comedy Podcast Show starts with a conversation and ends with an improvised, comedy sketch starring the most interesting people in the world... YOU!

Normal people do extraordinary things, and this show is all about uncovering what those things are and then creating comedy in the form of a sketch from it!

Each episode features a 30-minute or so discussion with someone of great interest to the host, Stuart Rice, and from that conversation comes the idea that influences what the improvised sketch will be. Then, you get to hear the sketch highly produced with sound effects and really polished. After the credits roll, if you still want to listen in, you can hear Stuart and his guest record the sketch itself!

Sketch Comedy Podcast Show can be heard weekly, with new episodes starting to air September 3rd!
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