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Style Scouting Hiatus: Returning In Jan 2017


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As The Style Scout, Alia Ahmed-Yahia invites you to join her in the front row of the global style scene. Every week she gives you an insider look at style: from engaging conversations with industry experts, to insider tips and tricks from lead designers to ideas and inspiration from some of the most trendsetting & influential people in the world. As a listener, you'll experience an all-access pass to stylish ideas and inspiration that translate to your life. She believes style is truly a lifestyle, so each month will focus on different areas of style to inspire, excite and entertain from fashion to beauty to fitness and travel. Tune in every Tuesday to hear this Midwest girl-turned NYC savvy Style Director give you a peek behind the curtain to inspire your own personal style journey, through the lens of some of the most stylish people in the world. For more, visit her blog www.TheStyleScout.com or follow Alia on Instagram @thestylescout and Twitter @OnAStyleScout
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