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012: Have a Woman do Anything you Say, with Diana Raluca (part 2/2)


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The Ars Amorata is a celebration of the art of seduction, the rebirth of romance, and a lifelong quest for beauty and adventure. Join Jordan Luke Collier and a growing number of men and women worldwide who are binding themselves to the mast, raging against mediocrity in all its forms, and defining their lives, themselves, and most importantly... their relationships, on their own terms. As the Ars Amorata journey unfolds over the coming years, subscribe and listen each week to hear: ~ inspiring tales of love, heartbreak, debauchery and seduction across the seven seas, ~ some of the worlds top experts talk about sex, relationships and rocket-grade romances, ~ an ongoing behind-the-scenes diary of some of the worlds top modern-day Casanova seducers ~ intimate and daring interviews with men and women, the like you wont hear anywhere else, Subscribe and be part of the Ars Amorata podcast and without doubt, you too, will begin to bring a heightened sense ease, delight, mischief and elegance to everything and everyone you interact with.
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