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Monday, June 26 at 6am

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The Bobby D Show runs each and every weekday morning. The times differs depending on where you are and what station you are listening on, but generally the show runs from 5-10AM PST and 8AM – 1PM EST live. Any other time that you are hearing the show, it probably isn’t live. The show is ALWAYS taking calls, text messages and e-mails. Whether we are in the studio or away from the studio we are usually pretty good about getting back to you ASAP.

OK, we run into this problem a lot so let me clear this up for anyone who is new to the show, WE ARE NOT A TALK SHOW! We sometimes get lumped into that group because we do interviews almost daily. BUT, we are not a talk show. In a normal hour, we take up about 9 minutes of air time and sometimes even less. For some reason, I find myself having to convince people that we are not a talk show, not really too sure why though! Also, we DO NOT play music. Again, this confuses a lot of people. We are JUST the show. So if you are listening to us on your favorite station, their music will stay the same, no change in format. I have neither the time nor the talent to be a music director, especially with all the stations that we are on. Let’s hope that we have cleared this up.
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