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The Cadillac Curry show is where you will find life's daily struggles turned into humorous tales with a little bit of advice thrown in every now and then. We'll also talk about music, sports, current events, well being, occasional throwback topics, and perhaps a few topics by request. Trouble catching the news very often? You just might luck out and find some headliners discussed on the show, given they are interesting and "Cadillac" worthy. The show's mission is to provide stress relief thru laughter, as well as interesting facts and interviews/discussions with those who are experts on a given topic. Interaction with the audience through social media outlets is a sincere part of our mission on the Cadillac Curry Show. We believe that interaction with the audience is what makes a show true, valuable, and worthwhile. Most of all, the Cadillac Curry show pushes a "Cadillac" type of quality within its entertainment, meaning we strive to make sure everyone who tunes into the show takes away something valuable from it. With a current career in journalism and radio production, You can expect an engaging delivery from the host within every episode of the show. Enjoy!
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