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The Captain’s Pod produces a unique and stimulating series of podcasts that spread good feelz and geeky fun! While superheroes and sci-fi are topics of some episodes, listeners (A.K.A. “Shipmates”) also experience real human connection through in-depth personal interviews, motivational messages, and stories that truly embody the triumph of the human spirit! Imagine if you will, Brian “The Captain” Kovacs traveling through the universe in his escape pod with the inspirational “Good News Kelly”, Karli the Educator, and “Feelz Specialist” Michelle Lynn! In addition to the main show, the crew of The Captain's Pod host various programs on topics such as suicide prevention, positive thought, anti-bullying, and Highly Sensitive Persons. Sometimes we are just letting our geek flag fly, other times we are there to remind you that it's OK to cry! Ready for geeky fun with all the feelz? Become a shipmate! Strap in and blast off with The Captain's Pod!
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