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Greg Kihn's business card says 'Rock Star, Author, Reformed Wild Man'...and it's all true. Greg has been a professional songwriter, musician and performer for over 35 years. As leader of the Greg Kihn Band, he has released 18 albums, scored top hits with “Breakup Song” and “Jeopardy”, and worldwide notoriety and regular airplay on MTV. Greg is also an award winning author, having written five novels, and edited short story collections featuring contributions from famous musicians. Greg toured the world and settled down in the Bay Area, where his speaking voice has become just as iconic as his singing voice.

Greg Kihn began his career in the evenings at KFOX in 1994. He proved to be a natural at radio, and quickly rose to the role of morning show host. Every morning you can hear Greg, along with his co-host "Sloppy" Joe, share his stories about his years in Rock n' Roll, and talk to (and frequently play with) his many accomplished musician friends he has worked with over the years.

Besides radio, rock n' roll, and writing, Greg loves spending time with his family (which includes playing guitar in the Greg Kihn Band with his son Ry), watching the Giants and A's win, crab cakes and his kitties.
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