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    The Indie Show

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The Indie Show is a dedicated Indie Rock, Alternative 80's and 90's station. We play some of the hard to find stuff and bands and tracks you'll probably never have heard from before - but we do play a lot of popular tracks too.

If you like the darker side of music then this is for you.

From Bauhaus to The Cult, The Cure to The Sisters of Mercy, as well as rarities and live recordings from the likes of Poe, Bush, Sophya, Joy Division, Portishead, PJ Harvey, Dead Can Dance, the Nephilim and so on. Bootlegs, and Unreleased tracks with more to come.

We have a huge library of rarities, so keep an eye out for special features and unique performances coming this way!

We have more genres and stations available at our web site.
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