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As a kid...they called Kaare Johnson a sports phenomenon. He played little league football, baseball, basketball, ran track;wrestled. In high school his Dad, Phil, Kaare played soccer! At LSU Kaare was Mr. Sports. Shaq turned to Kaare for tips on the slam dunk. The Denver Broncos tried to draft Kaare Johnson, but he decided. Wait a minute...NOT TRUE! Kaare is just a guy who loves sports. Kaare did help Shaq with his free show shooting, though. Okay so Kaare played a little high school golf and a little soccer at De La Salle. He was born and raised in New Orleans. As a matter of fact, Kaare has lived in only 2 parishes in his life,Orleans and East Baton Rouge, where he attended LSU for 6 long years. (All Undergrad, he likes to add.) An avid sports fan, Kaare got started in Sports Talk in Baton Rouge in 1992. He came back home to New Orleans in 1993 and doesnt want to leave ever again. SEE...Kaare DOES love sports...and if you do...get in "The Game"...with Kaare Johnson, Tuesday & Wednesday nights, 8-10...Thursday nights, 8-9..."Weekend Kickoff," Saturday mornings from 10 to noon...and "First Take," Sunday's before "Countdown to Kickoff!"...on WWL THE News, Talk & Sports leader!

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